Hillsborough is governed by a 16 member Board of Directors that are property owners in the subdivision. Our directors serve a three-year term with four directors positions coming up for election every year. We meet throughout the year at a time and place determined by the President and the Board. Our meetings are open to all of our member residents. An annual meeting is scheduled each Spring at which time new members of the board are elected. If you are interested in serving on the HPOA Board of Directors or on a committee contact any member or attend one of our meetings.

Current Board of Directors

Justin Blagg, President/Commons Director
Pos. 1, 2020

Ben Browning, Vice-President
Pos. 12, 2022

Val Carr, Treasurer
Pos. 13, 2022

Anne Carter, Secretary
Pos. 7, 2021

Sabrina Huddleston, Pool Director
Pos. 15, 2022

Jeff Fairman
Pos. 2, 2020

Lew Mahoney
Pos. 3, 2020

Andy Lain
Pos. 4, 2020

Jessica Mallett
Pos. 5, 2020

Norm Hilgendorff
Pos. 6, 2021

Tony Wang
Pos. 8, 2021

Pos. 9, 2021

Pos. 10, 2021

Pos. 11, 2021

Brenda Gilbert
Pos. 14, 2022

Pos. 16, 2022